Wabash Valley Inline Hockey Association
Competition. Community. Connection.
Our Services
We bring our community together through inline hockey.
How We Can Help
Our Association is about youth sports, but our primary focus is helping to rebuild community ties, promote youth leadership and civic responsibility, teach the values of character and ownership of self, and to reduce delinquincy.
  1. Athletic Development
    We believe that work ethic is a better indicator of athletic success than "natural talent." As such, our coaching philosophy is based less on rewarding our athletes for skill metrics and more on the development of a hunger for achieving one's potential. You won't find any "participation trophies" here, but the team MVP won't automatically be the leading scorer.
  2. Character Development
    Sports are great fun, but they are ultimately a means to an end. That end can be many things for different individuals, but we believe that team sports teach those valuable character lessons that are at the core of who we are as members of a community. We mentor our youth athletes, and encourage them to mentor younger players as well. We all have things to learn and teach.
  3. Service to the Community
    More than just by family members or fans, a youth sports program is supported by the community as well. Recognizing this, our program is centered on the idea of "community identity." Youth don't often feel that they have a stake in the community, so we involve them in service learning projects that help them develop a sense of engagement and civic responsibility.
  4. Evidence-Driven Programs
    As a league, we follow USA Hockey's American Development Model, which is a research-driven approach to player development. Our adherence to the ADM ensures that our athletes are learning age-appropriate skills, expectations are reasonable, goals are achievable, and each athlete has a chance to grow at his or her own pace.
  5. Leadership Training
    Our program works with youth athletes when they're off-wheels as well. As opposed to other leagues that end during the off-season, we provide support to our members year-round. In the off-season, our youth athletes can take advantage of our service learning projects as well as evidence based leadership training. We train our athletes to be leaders in their community.
  6. All Players Are Welcome
    Don't let an inability to skate stop you from joining. We offer clinics separate from league play to teach the basics of inline skating, basic hockey skills, fitness skating, as well as training to become a certified coach or game official. Keep an eye on our calendar for these clinics, which are offered free-of-charge to Association members!