Wabash Valley Inline Hockey Association
Competition. Community. Connection.
Wabash Valley Inline Hockey Association
Competition. Community. Connection
What can you achieve?
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We provide an innovative grassroots foundation for the growth and development of Inline Hockey, with programs aimed at increasing participation, improving skills, and promoting a sense of civic responsibility for the future leaders of our community.
You Belong Here.
Our Programs
  1. League Play
    Our Association offers players a chance to learn and compete based on the American Development Model (ADM). Youth between the ages of 10 and 18 play in age-grouped leagues with age-appropriate levels of physical contact.
  2. Workshops
    We offer instruction on all aspects of play outside of league competition in the form of workshops. Improve your skating, ball-handling, and shooting with the aid of a skilled instructor. We also offer workshops leading to certification for coaches and referees.
  3. Membership
    Becoming a member allows your child to participate in league play, allows you to attend Association events, have Association voting rights, attend workshops for free, and other great benefits! Become a Regular Member or Booster and support our Association.
  4. Service
    All of our athletes and members are encouraged and given opportunities to do service work in the community. Such service is our reason for existing. Exemplary "ambassador athletes" are recognized at the Association's annual dinner, and are eligible for possible scholarships.
  1. Community
  2. Connection
  3. Competition
You Have Something To Offer
Our Association belongs to its members. Whoever you are, you have a place here. Whether you want your child to play, be a coach, be a game announcer, serve on our Board, become a referree, or simply want to help build a hockey culture in Terre Haute, there is a place for you here.